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Surrounded by Łazienki Park, in the heart of the city but far from its hustle and bustle, there is a very special place. Park Lane mansion is located at Podchorążych Street. Its cosiness and urban style, at the same time, together with all the other conveniences fulfil your life and make it much more pleasant.

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In the lobby there is a concierge available for 24 hours. All the solutions in the fully equipped apartments are the highest quality, available since the day of complying with all the formalities.

The rooms are very modern and classy at the same time. Natural materials are cosy and light-coloured. The balconies and terraces face Modernist Garden which fulfils the atmosphere of harmony with its Polish and European gardening trends from the early 20th century.

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Slow living

Each apartment is equipped with HMS, a very advanced management system. Fit to the owners’ needs, it lets you control any household appliances.

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To fully feel the harmony one needs to be close to nature to be able to rest in quiet, relax and think. Close location of Łazienki Park gives a wonderful opportunity to feel the nature, art and entertainment at the same time. The park and a king’s summer residence is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe thanks to its space and architecture.

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Łazienki, with the monuments built under the government of various kings and free-standing sculptures drowning in green, is also a museum where many cultural events take place, highly-regarded Chopin concerts, among others. Its name comes from 17th century bathhouse pavilion.

Park’s gardens is a perfect place to relax and quietly contemplate the surrounding greenery.

Being close to Łazienki Park one can have new ideas, take up new challenges, find inspiration to create beautiful things.

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Park Lane mansion is located next to Łazienki Park, at a very quiet Podchorążych Street, which makes it a prestigious oasis of calm right in the middle of metropolitan hustle and bustle.

Łazienki palace and its surroundings is called one of the most beautiful places for a walk in Europe. Its endless greenery together with its architecture designed by top artists of the times are a harmonious whole.

Mokotów, a district located right next to the down town has many advantages of a city centre European capital where you feel its open-minded and dynamic cultural life beat. It is said to be one of the best places to live as it offers an overall development.

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